Q: What do you mean by “custom” music?


A: We will create arrangements of, and perform the songs of your choice for the wedding party’s processional, bride’s processional, signing of the registry and recessional. This is included in our price, and it is our belief that having music that is meaningful to you really makes the ceremony unique and memorable.


Q: Can we pick any song?


A: Yes, we will consult with you to make sure the pieces chosen will work well with what you have in mind, but we are happy to arrange music of any genre. Of course, our version will still sound like classical violin and guitar music, and will be appropriate for a wedding ceremony.


Q: What is included in your wedding package?


A: We can tailor our package to suit your individual needs, but most commonly we would play for about half an hour prior to the ceremony to entertain guests and to let them know it’s time to make their way to their seats. Then we play for the processional(s), signing of the registry, and recessional, and then usually for about 15 minutes after the ceremony, depending on how long people stick around for.


Q: What are your technical requirements?


A: Not much! We need two armless chairs, and we can’t play directly in the rain. It would be nice to have access to one standard power outlet, but it is also possible for us to run our equipment on batteries, so we can play almost anywhere.


Q: Can you play at our wedding if it is outside of the city?


A: Yes, we can. Following are our travel fees: Banff <$200 incl. park fee> Lake Louise <$280 incl. park fee> Canmore <$150> Airdrie <$75> Okotoks <$75> Cochrane <$50> Chestermere <$50> Elsewhere <please inquire>


Q: What if our ceremony starts late?


A: We do often have more than one booking in a day, so it would depend on our other engagements, but we will make sure you know well in advance if there is going to be a definite cut-off time that we must leave. We only book multiple performances on the same day if there is ample time in between (including extra time for unforeseen circumstances!), so this would rarely be a problem unless your wedding is running extremely late. But if our time allows, we will adjust to your circumstances with charge of $75 for every half hour of overtime.


Q: Do you require a deposit?


A: We do ask for a deposit, and we will agree on the amount based on your package and the amount of time we need to book off for travel, etc.


Q: Do you provide a microphone and P.A. system for our ceremony?


A: We can, but we need to know in advance! We won’t just plug a microphone into our instrument amplification because that will not yield good results. We will give you a quote for this and let you know what the extra power requirements would be after consulting with you about what you would require.


Q: What will you wear to our ceremony?


A: We generally wear black suits with black ties, but some weddings have a theme colour or are ‘casual’ or have other factors, in which case let us know and we can work something out.